an unprecedented grand gathering for the Iranian opposition in Paris.

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an unprecedented grand gathering scheduled for July 1st in Paris. In this rally, in addition to the participation of tens of thousands of Iranians from all over the world, including the United States, hundreds of political and religious dignitaries, MPs, human rights and women’s rights activists will participate and deliver speeches.

Christopher Booker has recently published an article in The Telegraph regarding this gathering saying: In Paris on July 1 the NCRI is staging a rally of 100,000 Iranian exiles, to be addressed by a swathe of former leading politicians from across the world, most notably many senior figures from the US, including well-known former politicians, an ex-ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, an ex-director of the FBI and generals who served in Iraq.

They will call for the Trump government to lend its backing to Iranians who want to see their fanatical, ruthless, utterly corrupt dictatorship replaced by a secular, democratic government. What makes this rally very unique is the lineup of dignitaries representing both sides of the aisle, participating in the defense of human rights and supporting a change in Iran.

They will deliver speeches on how to end Middle East crises, rooted in Iran’s policies of meddling. Last year more than 100,000 people took part in a similar gathering in Paris, alongside hundreds of politicians coming from across the globe and delivering their remarks.

This event has many viewers around the world. I am attempting to share the feed for media that may be interested

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