Kill your own people but not with Chemical weapons, we implore you.

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – this perfectly reflects what happened on Saturday 17th April 2018; a cliché Hollywood flick that the world watched with disgust – its title? The international Conscience. Its stars – countries that claim to be civilized defenders of freedom, democracy and human rights.

This world has become immoral, ruled by politicians that lie and don’t meet the minimum standard for leadership that man has worked hard throughout history to establish.

  • Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister said that the military strike did not aim to change the regime in Syria.
  • The French president Emmanuel Macron said the Syrian president has crossed the red line that was drawn by France.
  • Trump from the White House: “mission accomplished”.

The Syrians are stunned and confused by what the true feelings and beliefs of these and other leaders are who falsely claim to uphold the banner of democracy and human rights.

So, after the death of over half a million Syrians, and the displacement of over 10s of millions of them, and the imprisonment, torture and murder of thousands of them, and the rape of thousands of women and children, and the carrying out of several massacres with varying forms of weaponry, is the firing of 105 rockets onto buildings and centers that the Syrian dictator already evacuated of his soldiers, chemical weapons and military equipment that it produces and launches, really considered mission accomplished?

What kind of a mission was this exactly that united a western alliance of powerful armies, warships, nuclear submarines and regional army bases in the Mediterranean?

Was it a mission for Trump to be able to declare a Hollywood victory, a chance to flaunt to the public at home that he challenged Putin who is accused of facilitating Trump’s election, in the hopes of obtaining an exonerating certificate of innocence from the Russian scandal?

Was it a mission to falsely appease foreign public opinion to prove that the former imperialist allies are now standing up to Russian’s expansionist foreign policy with equally a firm hand?

Is the killing of thousands of Syrians through traditional weapons and the complete destruction of their towns, cities and history compliant with international law, but their murder through chemical weapons a red line that cannot be crossed?

Are there different types of murder? The sweet and compassionate kind and the heinous and unspeakable kind?

What is the message that the West wanted to send Assad? And in the 21st century, do we now communicate with murders and killers in messages and riddles?

Or was the message actually intended to Putin’s Russia that Syria and the Region was never left for him and that he must respect the West and its wishes – as the West is ready to challenge him and whatever point it chooses.

Assad is now stronger after this charade of a strike that hit his empty buildings. He came out of it like a national hero, targeted by enemies of Syria that have since day 1 been accused of being the leaders of the conspiracy against their country.

Everyone lied, the aim of the mission was a lie, the Russian threat was a lie and Assad’s theatrical defense after the fact was also a lie.

Syria today is a strategic regional playing field – the victims of which are the Syrian people, and the scourge of which is Bashar Al Assad. If the world really wanted to get rid of extremism and terrorism, then all it takes is to rid the world of Assad and the powers that uphold him, most notably Iran.

In the end, what happened on Saturday morning can be summarized by a B-movie Standard film produced by Hollywood, with the theatricals worthy of Bollywood and the revelation that the Russian Bear is actually just a dog that does nothing but bark.

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