Statement (2) Of The National Independent Damascenes

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Open Letter To The United Nations, The European Union, And To All Others Concerned Parties, Attached to Statement (1) issued on 22/02/2018
Begin this letter, we offer our deepest condolences to our people who are still until the moment under an unjust siege and brutal genocide of children, women, elderly and infirm and innocent civilians. A barbaric siege and systematic killing imposed by the regime of the tyrant Assad and his allies, which is a violation of the Syrian will, and assault of all the principles of humanity and divine laws which called by the religions and stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We offer these condolence to ourselves with the loss of every day more innocent martyrs, as well we offer these condolence to the free people of all nations and countries because of this permanent assault of the human feelings since more than seven years.

Dear brothers and sisters, free people in the world:
According to one of an brief and accurate diagnosis we heard from the Leaders of the Great Powers, “what is happening in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus is Shame on humanity”. As civilians, free citizens and independents, and as part of this world we emphasize that the killing, injustice and gross violations of humanity by Assad’s regime (who is condemned for war crimes by the entire humanity), and by the support and partnership of his Russian ally in order to frustrating the will of the international community, all of these have gone beyond human shame since the Syrian holocaust has been lasted nearly a decade of people’s lives.

This not only threaten the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus, not only related to the fate of nearly one million victims between a martyr, a detainee, and directly affected by human rights violations, and also not only millions of displaced Syrians in countries of asylum or camps, But because it has become an issue that touches on the depth of human concepts in an unprecedented way and a historic turning point in revising the mechanism of action of the United Nations institutions (which our forefathers had a role in establishing), assessing the performance of its member states and the implementation of Security Council resolutions.

We read the recent Security Council resolution 2401 ( a Swedish – Kuwaiti proposal) that it came to put an interim end to the genocide of civilians in Ghouta and we consider it as an important step that must be effectively applied to save innocent civilians, children, as well it is a right to them and a duty imposed by the human conscience (to those who respect it). However we see the Security Council resolution 2401 as a necessary temporary solution but unfortunately not enough.
Here, we must also mention the role of the High Representative’s statement on behalf of the European Union on Syria calling for the immediate cessation of the massacre of the eastern Ghouta (Brussels, 23 February 2018).

We also highly appreciate all the European, US and international efforts exerted to impose this modest ceasefire on Russian intransigence, arrogance and hegemony in the Security Council, coupled with the deceit and lies of the Permanent Representative of Assad’s regime to the United Nations, who is hiding behind a team who committed to the dictates of Iran seeking to impose its presence and wills on the international community through him.

As well we extend sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who was active, honest and humane in his work at his/her position in all United Nations institutions, the European Union, human rights organizations, civil society activists, journalists, jurists, academics and all those who supported the ceasefire and stand tall to protect innocent and civilians.

We also thank all those who signed and supported our statement issued on 02/22/2018.

Through this open letter to the United Nations, the European Union, and to all others concerned parties, we present a number of points that represent our vision and our demands as a socio – political assemblage (national, civil, pluralistic), upholding first of all our human extent, and our legitimate rights to transfer the united voice of the free Syrian civil society despite its pluralistic.
Under the circumstances of this historic plight experienced by the Syrian people, which also threatens the security of the peoples of the region and touches the depth of human concepts and the criteria of its sustainability, we demand the following:

1. Call upon for the Immediate implementation and activation of all UN institutions and Security Council resolutions related to the Syrian issue) including 2254, and the recent resolution 2401) and the cessation of massacres of the regime and its allies, as well to impose ceasefire in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus, immediate lifting of all sieges, with a commitment to provide all kinds of urgent medical and humanitarian assistance.

2. We call upon the UN Security Council to take all immediate and binding measures for the regime and its allies to ensure the implementation of the cease-fire resolution and its condemnation of non-compliance with resolution 2401 and to escalate the attack on civilians in the Eastern Ghouta by using internationally banned chemical and cluster munitions.

3. Call upon for the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid of UN Security Council and investigation teams to document the crimes of the regime and its allies and their use of internationally banned weapons against civilians. We also demand sustained access of teams of human rights organizations, journalists, doctors and lawyers to document violations on the ground and to assess the seriousness of the crime committed.

4. We condemn in the strongest terms the policy of Assad’s criminal regime, his intended to repeat deception and lies in the Security Council, his adoption in scandalous manner to manipulate the anti-terrorism paper as a license permitting his barbaric crimes against the isolated innocent people, children and civilians.

5. Call on the Security Council to open the necessary investigations regarding Assad’s double crimes against the cities under his control. All local reports and testimonies confirm the involvement of Al Assad and his regime in the management and manipulation of organized networks of terrorists, insurgents and mercenaries, Including the bombarding of the district of Rokn al-Din (in Damascus) recently and coinciding with the bombing of the Eastern Ghouta with the aim of terrorizing civilians, particularly residents of Damascus, and suppressed their voices and threatened with the horror of terrorism.

6. We call upon the United Nations and the Security Council to bring down the legitimacy of the regime of the representation of the Syrian people. We also demand the expulsion of the regime’s representative, because of his shameless mockery of the lives of Syrian victims and martyrs from the Eastern Ghouta.

7. We strongly condemn the practices of the Russian regime and its support for the crimes of Al -Assad. We call upon the international community and the UN institutions to take the necessary decisions to thwart the Russian role, which stands in the face of all the peaceful solutions and alternatives that are always available and welcome by the Syrian civil society, while Moscow imposes arrogance and genocide on the Syrian scene.

8. We call upon the Syrian opposition, individuals and groups, to take advantage of the opportunity of the ceasefire approved by the Security Council and to reconsider completely its assessment of its performance and reform of its institutions. Unfortunately the official responses of the Syrian opposition were meager and limited, do not reach the minimum level of institutional work, and do not commensurate with the historical responsibility they imposed themselves upon it.
In conclusion, we affirm in this open letter that we are confident in God first and in our authentic national identity secondly, we are committed in this assemblage to the steadfastness of the right and to a peaceful future vision for the mother Syria, the unity of Syrian land and Syrian people and thier national, cultural and civilizational variety. Belong to us only believer in his/her cause and a determination to lift injustice, oppression and isolation from his/herself, his/her people and future generations.
We adopt and represent only a patriotic, dignified, moderate, humanistic, and academic discourse, that serves pluralism and respects equality between men and women. We also insist on renouncing extremism, fanaticism, discrimination and gender, all of which are pests neither did not find any place in the hearts of our forefathers in the past nor in our hearts at present or in future.
On this path, the Damascene elites are seeking to fulfill the historic role expected of them and aim to crystallize a model for a comprehensive national peaceful solution in Syria.

Signature: on behalf of National Independent Damascenes 27/02/2018

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