Statement Of National Independent Damascenes

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The Massacres Of Syrian Tyrant Bashar Al-Assad, His Regime, And His Allies In Eastern Ghouta

By hearing now the sound of the air raids, bombardment, rocket fire, shelling, and helicopter-dropped barrel bombs and chemicals on Eastern Ghouta, by seeing now the immense spectra of the innocent under the cruel Assad’s attacks, victims of families mothers and fathers and their children , and the blood of the martyrs covered the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus and all Syrian soil.

We address our message of solidarity to hundreds of thousands of free men and women of civilians and innocent trapped unjustly and aggressively in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, As well we address this statement to the all free Syrians around the world..

Brothers and sisters.., we have suffered from oppression and pain, as much as you have been honored by your resistance with great dignity. We have humiliated by the distance from the homeland in countries of exile as much as you have been honored by refusing vulnerability, and humiliation, and defending land, honor and properties.

In such tough circumstances, we swear by the name of God and by our lost blood in Damascus, Ghouta, and in the whole of Syria on hands of Syrian Tyrant Bashar Al-Assad, his regime, and his allies; that we work to raise grievances, and conquer this terrible affliction, for our families and our people, by all means available.

Herein, we are the sons of Damascus city (Al-Fayhaa), standing all united in one national and humanitarian row whatever our beliefs and whatever our political orientations, taking upon ourselves to do all we can to save our children and country, and we call the sons of Syria as one nation to stand each of his/her position, behind the steadfastness of our people in al-Ghouta, and to be an impenetrable impediment to the regime’s genocide campaign against besieged Ghouta and Damascus which has been held hostage for fifty years by the security and military regime, as well inhabitants have become prisoners and are threatened with repression and detention.

We demand by the name of the National Independent Damascenes (in Syria and in exile), the International Community and the United Nations:

1) to take appropriate immediate action to stop the massacres of the regime and its allies in al-Ghouta and all Syrian territories.

2) to take the necessary measures to activate the implementation of Security Council resolutions and others international resolutions that condemned Bashar al-Assad of bombing civilians with internationally banned weapons (chemical and other..).

3) the introduction of medical and relief assistance, ensure the security of civilians, medical personnel, and civil defense teams.

4) We also call upon the UN Security Council to ensure the right of civilians to remain in their homes, lands and places of residence and to provide them with all possible assistances in order to control the security of their areas which has been manipulated by Assad’s regime through a network of militants, foreign terrorists and mercenaries.

5) As well we call upon the United Nations not to adopt, pass or assist in the implementation of the policy of displacement and demographic change imposed by the barbaric regime on the will of the international community.

Signature: on behalf of National Independent Damascenes 22/02/2018

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